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von Göler (Hrsg.) / / § 30

§ 30 Capital maintenance

(1) Those assets which the company requires to maintain its share capital may not be paid out to the shareholders. Sentence 1 does not apply to payments made upon the existence of a control or profit transfer agreement (section 291 of the Stock Corporation Act) or to payments which are covered by a full claim to counterperformance or restitution against a shareholder. Sentence 1 also does not apply to the repayment of a shareholder loan and payments against claims arising from legal acts which correspond economically to a shareholder loan.

(2) If they are not needed to cover a loss in share capital, any paid in additional contributions may be repaid to the shareholders. The repayment may not be made before three months have elapsed since the decision to make the repayment was made known in accordance with section 12. In the case referred to in section 28 (2), repayment of additional contributions is inadmissible before the share capital has been deposited in full. Repaid additional contributions are deemed not to have been collected.

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