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von Göler (Hrsg.) / / § 9a

§ 9a Claims for compensation on part of company

(1) Where false statements are made for the purpose of forming the company, the shareholders and directors of the company, as joint and several debtors, are to make the payments which have not been made, to compensate for remuneration which has not been included in the expenses for formation, and to pay compensation for any other damage arising.

(2) Where the company suffers damage owing to an intentional or grossly negligent act by shareholders on account of capital contributions or expenses for formation, the shareholders are all liable to compensate that damage as joint and several debtors.

(3) Shareholders or directors are exempted from these obligations if they were neither aware of the facts establishing the obligation to pay compensation nor needed to be aware thereof when applying the due care of a prudent businessperson.

(4) In addition to the shareholders, those persons for whose account the shareholders have subscribed to shares are also responsible in the same manner. They cannot rely on their own ignorance on account of such circumstances of which a shareholder acting for their account was aware or of which he or she needed to be aware when applying the due care of a prudent businessperson.

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