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von Göler (Hrsg.) / / § 57m

§ 57m Relation between rights; relationships to third parties

(1) The relation between the rights associated with the shares is not affected by the capital increase.

(2) Where individual rights of shares which have been partially paid in, in particular any profit sharing or voting rights, are determined by the capital contribution paid per share, these rights are accorded to the shareholders up until the outstanding capital contributions have been paid only in the amount of the capital contributions which have been paid in plus the percentage of the increase in the share capital added to the nominal value of the share capital. If further payments are made, these rights increase accordingly.

(3) The economic content of the contractual relationships between the company and third parties which are dependent on the company’s distribution of profits, the nominal value or the value of their shares or share capital or which are dependent in another way on the previous capital and earnings ratios are not affected by the capital increase.

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